Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why are you an Atheist? Or why are you religious?


Jason said...
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xafod said...

Many people ask me why I am an atheist. My answers are never adequate to explain my point of view to their satisfaction so I am writing this analogy to explain.
Just a little story to illustrate a point:
About a year ago I decided to join this whole Sudoku craze. I went to the magazine rack at work and bought a book of Sudoku puzzles. I brought it home and leaned how to do them. I figured it out fairly quickly and was having fun learning the tricks. Every time I would finish one I would check the back of the book to see if I had done it right. By the time I got about 10 puzzles in it started to look like I had no idea what I was doing, none of the answer keys matched my answers at all. Upon closer examination, even the numbers that were set were apparently wrong. They had obviously put the wrong answer key at the back of the book. This was liberation for me! I had no need for the answers to be given to me; I could figure them out for myself. This made them even more rewarding to do.
The human race was unique; we had developed a sophisticated brain to use for protection against the worlds dangers. Unfortunately it gave us the ability to ask questions. With no answers in sight, certain people took it upon themselves to create answers, and those answers were the gods. Religion is like a big Sudoku book where they made the answer key without even trying to solving the puzzles first. We were given a question and an answer and told that the process of finding the solution isn’t important. There are men of faith that have tried to fill that gap but they are so determined to keep the answers the same that they have solved the problems in reverse, from answer to problem. These are the same kind of people that use a hammer to put a jigsaw puzzle together.
Science on the other hand, doesn’t look at the answer key, they have realized it is the wrong one. They go to the trouble of solving the problems for themselves using evidence that is not manufactured by men. You know what, they are never the answers at the back of the book. Religion is all well and good if you use it to make you feel better about death and what comes after. I have a problem with those that use it as an excuse to kill those that don’t have the same answer key at the back of their book.